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Rental Policies

Damage and/or Loss to the Vehicle

In the event of any damage or loss to the vehicle due to fire, theft or any cause the renter will be held liable. However, if the renter uses a credit card which offers Insurance Coverage in Jamaica, then the renter may decline Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) and have the vehicle fully covered under the credit card insurance feature. Please verify coverage with your credit card company. Budget Rent a Car Jamaica will obtain confirmation at the time of rental. Renter will return vehicle in the same condition it was received by renter. Vehicles and other equipment belong to Budget Rent a Car Jamaica and are in good condition and the Renter will return the vehicle, which includes all tyres, accessories, equipment and vehicle documents, during regular hours in the same condition as that in which they were received by the Renter, except for ordinary wear and tear, to the location and on the due back date specified or sooner if so demanded by Budget Rent a Car Jamaica.

The Renter is liable for all interior and exterior damage, rims, tyres, glass, battery and interior cleaning charges.


Age Information

The minimum age is 21. Maximum age is 65. An underage fee of 7.50 USD per day will apply for renters 21-24.

Additional Drivers

Additional drivers must meet the same minimum age and driver’s license requirements as the renter. The additional driver fee is 3.00 per day. Additional drivers 21-24 will be charged the underage fee in addition to the additional driver fee.

Payment Options

Charge Cards

Budget accepts

  • American Express
  • Budget
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Cash

The minimum credit card hold is the total estimated cost of the rental plus the following depending on car group rented:

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E US$500.00
Group F Group G Group J Group M Group O US$1,000.00
Group I Group K US$2,000.00
Group H Group L US$2,500.00
Group XI US$4,500.00
Group XG Group XH US$5,000.00

Taking your vehicle outside the Country

Cross Border Traffic is not allowed.

Waiver and Protection Options

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

Loss Damage Waiver is applicable if credit card does not provide insurance coverage. Purchase reduces the renter’s financial responsibility for damages to the Budget vehicle as a result of accident, vandalism or theft while under the rental contract. Theft protection is included in the purchase.

The amounts shown below reflect the renter’s financial liability/non-waivable excess (NWE) as a result of damage or loss to all or part of the vehicle.


Responsibility Amounts for Damage to the Budget Vehicle
Car Groups LDW Accepted LDW Declined
A,B,C,D,E $500.00 USD Full Value
F,G,J,M,O $1,000.00 USD Full Value
I,K $2,000.00 USD Full Value
H,L $2,500.00 USD Full Value
XI $4,500.00USD Full Value
XG,XH $5,000.00 USD Full Value

In case of accident and LDW is declined the entire cost of repairs are charged to the credit card. If LDW is accepted the customer is still responsible for the NWE and the credit card will be billed regardless of who is at fault.

Driving License and ID Requirements

A valid driver’s license from country of residence is required. An international driving permit is required if license is printed in non-Roman alphabet.

Fuel Charges

Fuel Options:

  • Pay in advance for a full tank of gas and return empty
  • Vehicle rented with a full tank and returned with a full tank
  • Refueling charge applicable when vehicle is returned with less fuel in the tank

Delivery and Collection

Pick up service from hotels and cruise ports should be arranged directly with the location.

No-Show/Cancellation Policy

Not applicable.

One Way Rentals

Cars can be returned to other locations in Jamaica based on car availability. A one way fee may apply.

Reservation Hold Time
Reservations will be held for 2 hours past scheduled arrival time only.

Special Equipment

Child Safety Seats (CSS) are available for 6.00 USD per day.

GPS is available for 12.00 USD per day.

Mobile phones are available for 5.00 USD per day


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