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Budget Rent a Car Jamaica offers you numerous products and services because we want to make your car rental experience simply the best it can be.


These additional products are specifically designed for you so that your car rental experience is easier and more enjoyable.

Loss Damage Waiver    |    Baby Seat    |    Mobile Phone    |    GPS    |    Maps


Budget Rent a Car Jamaica strives to provide the best service to our customers. Because we aim to make your rental experience easier, we have used your experiences and those of our employees to tailor our services .

Budget Rent a Car Jamaica has a lot to offer its customers.

Airport Transfer    |    Chauffeur Service    |    Refuelling Service    |    Roadside Assistance


Loss Damage Waiver

Applicable when client uses a credit card which does not offer insurance coverage. If the rental car is damaged, this will cover the cost of repairs. You will, however, have to pay a fixed amount towards repair costs. This is known as the excess, or liability amount. This applies regardless of whether you were at fault.


  • Cost of repairs of the Budget Rent a Car Jamaica vehicle if it is damaged
  • Requires payment of an excess charge towards the cost of repairs
  • Applies regardless of fault
  • If costs are recovered from a responsible third party, you will be reimbursed

Does not Cover: 

  • Damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence
  • Damage caused by failure to use the correct fuel
  • Damage caused as a result of a breach of the rental agreement
  • Theft of personal belongings from the vehicle
  • Death or injury to the driver
  • LDW Daily Rates and Excess / Liability Charges – US$


Vehicle LDW Daily Rate Excess / Liability Charges
Suzuki Swift 20.00 500.00
Suzuki SX4 H/Back 20.00 500.00
Suzuki SX4 Sedan 20.00 500.00
Mitsubishi Lancer GL 20.00 500.00
Mitsubishi Lancer GLS 30.00 1000.00
Suzuki Vitara 30.00 1000.00
Toyota Hiace 30.00 1000.00
Mitsubishi Grandis 30.00 1000.00
Mitsubishi ASX 30.00 2000.00
BMW 320i 40.00 2500.00
Mitsubishi Montero (Pajero) 40.00 2500.00

Baby Car Seat 

Budget Rent a Car Jamaica supplies a range of baby/child seats that will ensure you have the correct seat for your child. Child seats are subject to availability. Please reserve before you travel.

All of our baby/child seats can be requested at the time of booking and will be charged at the rates below:

Daily rate of US$6.00 | Deposit of US$70.00

Let us keep the ones you love safer.

Mobile Phone

Budget Rent a Car Jamaica makes it easier for you to communicate with relatives and friends.  Our mobile travel package includes rental of phone, purchase of SIM Card and Credit for device. Phones are subject to availability. Please reserve before you travel.

Phones are available for rental at the rates below:

Daily rate of US$5.00 | Deposit of US$100.00

Keep in touch with relatives and friends.


Get there quicker with Budget Rent a Car Jamaica GPS! Our navigation service provides you with the best portable in-car navigation. Just input your destination’s address, and let Budget Rent a Car Jamaica GPS do the rest.

We have all experienced getting lost in a foreign country. Make this a thing of the past with a reliable GPS navigation system to help guide you to your holiday destinations without the hassle!

GPS is subject to availability. Please reserve before you travel.

GPS is available for rental at the rates below:

Daily rate of US$12.00 | Deposit of US$250.00

Choose your destination, let Budget Rent a Car Jamaica GPS do the rest.


Maps showing major cities and towns are available for rental at the rates below:

Daily rate of US$5.00

Use our maps to visit more places.

Chauffeur Services

Enjoy reliable and worry free travel by reserving a personal chauffeur when you rent a car with Budget Rent a Car Jamaica.

Your personal driver will take you wherever you need to go.

Please contact us directly to book a Chauffeur.
Contact us

Relax and let our chauffeurs take you wherever you need to go.

Roadside Assistance

Budget Rent a Car Jamaica provides 24/7 breakdown and roadside assistance for your peace of mind.

How can you contact the Roadside Assistance team?
Please call our Emergency number 876-759-1793 if you need assistance in the event of an accident, property damage or injury.

Help is just a call away.

Refuelling Service

Budget Rent a Car Jamaica has taken over the hassle of refuelling from you.
Choose the option below which best suits you.

  • Fuel up Front – Pay for a full tank of fuel at the beginning of rental and return empty
  • Pay on Return – If you don’t take Fuel Up Front but find you haven’t got time to refuel then we can still do it for you with Pay On Return.
  • Bring Back Full – No charge

Don’t worry about the fuel, just enjoy the trip.